Blog #5: Practice Tip- Pentatonic Warmup

If you are looking to improve your dexterity, soloing, and finger independence, this exercise is for you!

For the past three months or so, I have been starting my practice sessions with this pentatonic exercise pasted below.

It starts by simply running it straight up and down with both hands, then doing a pattern on the way down for the second exercise. These fingerings are specifically for the Cm scale, and you can change them as you see fit. You should eventually try to play it in all 12 keys (I’m not even there yet).

The beautiful thing about practicing scales is that you can make it as easy, or as difficult as you want. You can get very creative with the patterns you use and you might find something you really like. I have been implementing pentatonics into my playing more and more and it is a very easy way to sound really good! 

This exercise can apply to any instrument. Happy practicing!

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