Video Portfolio

Some of my solo piano recordings and some other fun stuff. You can find more at my Youtube channel!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (arr. by Oscar Peterson)

This Oscar Peterson arrangement of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is by far my favorite! Peterson was an excellent classical and jazz player whose groove and grace at the piano was a great source of inspiration for me as I began my journey studying jazz.

Give You Blue by Allen Stone

This Allen Stone has some very cool progressions. While arranging this tune, I learned a lot about orchestration at the piano. Orchestration is the process of bringing together several key elements of a recording into an arrangement for piano. It requires selectively bringing out baselines, guitar parts, backing vocals, and anything else that gives a song its identity. Little did I know that just a couple months after recording this arrangement, I would get to play with Allen Stone on his live stream series with our amazing band, Jacklando.

Baby I Don’t Know Oh Oh by Vulfpeck

This was another arrangement that required a lot of orchestration. In this song, keeping a steady tempo/groove is key all while playing the melody stylistically. I ended up transcribing the original Joey Dosik sax solo too! When mixing this recording, I tried to bring out some of the highs a little more to give it a bit of a “tinny” sound. While I am somewhat inexperienced in mixing, I thought this helped mimic the piano sound from the original recording!

Rob Araujo’s synth solo on South of the River by Tom Misch

This is a pretty ridiculous synth solo by Rob Araujo! You can tell he has a background in jazz from some of the bebop language in his playing. Bebop is like a foreign language to me but I would love to implement in my playing some day!